Textos Educativos S.A. was founded in 1976 by Mrs. Laura Lugo Burgos

Mrs. Lugo arrived in Costa Rica from her native Mexico in 1971 with great experience in private schooling and in the bilingual textbook industry. Though by the early seventies there were several private academic institutions in Costa Rica, these schools did not have the support of companies dedicated to the promotion and distribution of materials that enhanced bilingual education as a second language. Textos Educativos S.A. was born out of that specific need. Next off, Mrs. Lugo created a company to represent and distribute books and support materials from publishing houses in the United States and Great Britain.

Today, the company imports products from more than forty publishing houses in the United States, Great Britain, Mexico, and Guatemala. Textos Educativos is the largest provider of support materials and textbooks in Costa Rica, through its retail stores and its main distribution center.

Our staff of professional academic promoters is always in contact with institutions throughout the country to keep teachers and students informed of the availability of innovative products. The company also offers free academic seminars featuring consultants from international publishing houses, to keep academic institutions informed of the constant change in educational tendencies. Our slogan “Enhancing Bilingual Education Since 1976” is not a simple slogan; for the past 30 years we have grown to become the number one option for academic institutions that want the best educational materials from the most prestigious publishing houses. Our experience, competitive pricing and innovative solutions are the key elements to our leadership in the market.
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