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Editorial: Cambridge University Press
Based on extensive research into how people actually use English, Touchstone teaches students the grammar, vocabulary, and conversation strategies they need to communicate fluently and successfully in today's modern world. Its unique comprehensive syllabus also offers truly communicative pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing tasks. With Touchstone in print, teachers and students are guaranteed lively lessons of personalized, learner-centered interaction exposure to natural English, and the development of learning strategies that students can take beyond the classroom.

Key Features of this Title
    - Natural Language - Extensive Corpus research ensures natural language is presented and practiced in authentic contexts.
    - Conversation Strategies - Explicit and systematic development of conversation strategies ensures learners speak with fluency and confidence.
    - Inductive Learning - Active and inductive learner-centered tasks encourage students to become independent learners. Students are challenged to figure   things out for themselves – a powerful aid to understanding.
    - Personalisation - engaging activities that encourage students to talk about their own lives and ideas promotes personalized speaking.
    - Blended Learning - Touchstone has an adjustable blend of print and digital course components offering maximum flexibility. Blend the Students' Book with the Online Workbook or use the fully online course to blend with the printed Student's Book. Touchstone is - 100% digital, 100% online, or anywhere in between.